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People often say, the child cannot make track for a star, now the most important is to learn, make track for a star of what most impact study, but, I like music since childhood, of course, also chasing stars, but my favorite singer is Deng Zi chess, if you ask me why, I can only tell you, because of the music, but also because Deng Zi chess's character and quality.

Know Deng Zi chess is in hunan province, "I'm a singer", to be honest, not play first time, I Deng Zi chess have never heard of this name, don't more talk heard her songs, but "I'm a singer" broadcast after the first phase, I was completely Deng Zi chess "bubble" conquered, Deng Zi chess singing is really too good, but, when I go to check Deng Zi chess information, I was shocked. Originally, Deng Zi chess is also very unfortunately, she left jaw bone atrophy, the teeth in the jaw line can't bite, sometimes "air leakage" speech, but she still insisted on singing, did not give up. Deng Zi chess at university, should be delayed school music career, stop by school, however, she showed that wait for career stability, get ready to go back to her university dream.

I know after all this, is deeply in love with Deng Zi chess, Deng Zi chess is not should be a little bit of frustration and give up their dreams, look at us now, the speaking out of turn to give up a little bit of difficulty, contrast the Deng Zi chess encounter setbacks, we encounter these difficulties? Even the Deng Zi chess didn't give up, we give up for speaking out of turn what are your qualifications? Is Deng Zi chess has taught me that.

As an idol, is not to say that as long as you sing well, or have to do is to play well, you need to smashing, so that fans will really like you, and not blindly make track for a star. Deng Zi chess, like you, without reason.


Didn't someone described his appearance: cosmetic, is what god kissed uproot shayna said to him, when you look in the mirror every day will be very proud of? It is the person in the cartoon!

He called Li Jiaheng, don't call Kris, don't call wu queer, do not let Kris. When he was ten years old, his parents divorced, with mother emigrated to Canada, he changed his last name, changed the name, and even changed the date of birth, that seems to be his rebirth at a time. He likes playing basketball, perhaps in his dreams had with a basketball in the future, as he said in an interview, the original dream is not to be a star... May be erroneously, perhaps is doomed, after four years of practice, in South Korea's tears washed time and insist on day and night, at the sun into reality one day. On April 8, 2012, he USES exobiology -m captain Kris appeared in front of the world.

He is not on the team's biggest, but to take on the responsibilities of the captain. He USES 3 languages, again and again repeated the introduction; His cold is a sign of his, his heart, it seems, are still not ready for a new world. He is very thin, repeating: "we are the Chinese mainland, we have four Chinese combination."

He is known as the "leader" and "gods", but always carrying four years the same bag broken, worn out shoes or cloth shoes, of the ordinary people in front of the bracelet is always the... Smile seems to be lost in the crowd, even if a bit because in the program and to be on the network, he still insist on your choice. People say: this man is very nostalgic. But who also don't know, that he spent four years to break the pack, is the sole of his father gave him a birthday present.

He can put an ordinary clothes, wear a different style; He's always very warm heart put on fans to send clothes, he can in order to coordinate programs, cut open a new dress. He said in the show, my mother is nanjing people but never to yourself. We don't know what he experienced so many times in the past.

He also said the unconscious in the program asked age sorting to press "id card" was third. That moment, we found out he ratio who all know your real birthday. His word is not much, but because the captain and picking up the receiver.

When other members happy rob mirror, he silently bowed to others at the back. In fact, he was just a child in their early 20 s has completed the other child is still the dream of fantasy someone joked: the worst kris lifelong mistake, meet kris for life. Fall in love with Kris is a disaster fell in love with, he fell in love with, but I do not know can only like a sunflower in the night silently insist on.

If you well, is sunny; If you smile, the sun city.


To recall for more than 100 days, how many, how many tears, you all stand in the past.

Suantiankula, you age, all taste actually. Originally, 22 years old age, it is also can be coquetry to parents, and students also play with age, but what about you? A person, struggling in Korea, in the entertainment industry, under your age shouldn't bear everything. But, you didn't say a word, to endure, all came to today, have so many fans, I can only say that this is you should get.

In the face of all the gossip, we can't do anything, even if want to scold, also have to endure, fan behavior, paying idol! I can only tell myself, everything will pass away. Lu Han, you can, right? Do you have a moose, and the help brother! You can make it! Come on!

He is like us, ordinary people, but his position, his work is different. His experience, too much more, than we have been unable to express in words. His eyes, however, is countless clear, pure, no trace of impurities.

We have been hang some words in the mouth, to say to want to love him forever, to protect him, protect him. But, we share for him? How much ~!!

Can think of, at the airport, some people open flash, take pictures, do you really know not to know, so much hurt eyes? You can go to baidu search on your own. ! This is the way you love him? This is called love him? Ha, really amused me. Your behavior, I can understand, see the icon, it will be very excited, but have you thought about them? You will not too selfish? Art Hindu bow, Lu Han be flash got a fright!!! Also, at the airport, can you don't jump? So, do you have a dangerous, they also have the danger. You will not be able to consciously, lined up, empty out a little position in the middle, gave them? In that way, you think about it, how much they will be moved? How proud, for you have a group of such understanding, considerate fans? I know, I a person here to shout slogans, useless, however, can from the accumulated bit by bit, dear friends, everybody together! For them, also for our own!

The future belongs to you!

Indeed, like a star like you, like a child, want to go to pick the stars in the sky, out of reach. However, love is love, I'll desperate. Deer deer you give everything to me, whether it is touched, or tears, or smile, others can't afford to give all ~ if you well, is sunny! Deer, deer, I love you, as long as you good, no matter what want me to pay, I will, even, my life


He has short, alert eyes. Although he was only a year old, his IQ was no worse than that of high school students. He's my idol -- the real detective conan!

Conan is a high school detective. He became a child because he was knocked unconscious by a black man when he was trading in a dark organization, and then he was forced to take poison and make him smaller. In order to investigate the case, conan lives in xiaolan, the father of xiaolan, who lives in xiaolan (high school). Dr Dai li know conan o's true identity, in order to help him solve crimes, invented hand phenotypic anesthesia needle, the tracker glasses, solar skateboarding, tie voice changer, super ability of football shoes, automatic telescopic condole belt and inflatable football and other high-tech to conan.

I admire him and admire his life of adventure. To admire his friends who have made life and death; To admire him for having a witty mind; Admire him for his high-tech stuff; Admire him for his noble character...

Although I didn't have conan's quick-witted mind, I didn't have the high tech that Dr. Arli invented, but I also had good friends, and I was proud to have these good friends. I might not be a detective like conan, but I admire him. I tried to learn from conan, to be the best of myself, to be a veritable detective, because dreams are always one.


, since this is my teaching second grade five, years of hone also let oneself grow up a lot of, when communicating with students in the class of the language, learn to confuse, I will be with their broad, was approached. Even if I don't have good English, I would like to surround myself with classes, ask the west, hold on to this, and if I don't speak, I would like to stay a little longer before I go out to play.

Murry is a school in class two big star, people not only grow handsome, and each time the major activities in the school of male host is not he, even reading festival festival he sings "I Believe," the star flavour is dye-in-the-wood. The boy's brain is easy to learn, he is my idol, the whole class knows it. This is also my real feeling from the heart. "Idol, I am your fan, you must survive in the study, can't die halfway, wished for a few years later, you are still the biggest star in my heart. I always encourage him, he and I talk about this, talk about the north." You can rest assured that I will never die. After 13 years, you will be able to see my shadow on the central stage. OK, I Believe.


I have many idols, one of which I admire most is the Yang mi.

He was neither tall nor low; his hair was black and shiny, his eyes were big and black, and his face was white and red. Curved eyebrows high bridge of the nose has a plausible mouth, under his voice is very sweet, grow very beautiful, the last time I saw on TV "big birthday party" Yang mi, dressed in a very fashionable dress, when she appeared to sing, I like most about him, like him sing the "love of support ' 'singing that. Sometimes I also will follow show, the host also invited Yang's parents and grandparents, grandpa said:" because of long time not see Yang mi, she is always busy shooting, again afraid to bother her, so long time didn't connect. "He cried.

I think, this is just like the child has not been able to see their relatives for a long time, the family members and the unlimited thoughts of the child's affection and gratitude!

Yang mi is serious about her work, and she is hard and hard enough to motivate me. I should learn from her.







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