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我的春节 My Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most important festival all the year round for the Chinese. During this Spring Festival, I have a good time. First of all, I did so well in the final exam that makes my parents very happy. They say that it’s their best gift for the New Year. And we come back our hometown to spend this biggest festival with other relatives. We had a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. There were about thirty people had the dinner together. It was really great. After dinner, we enjoyed the Spring Festival Gala Evening. On the New Year’s Day, we gathered together to play games or cards. We children got lucky money from adults. This was the most exciting thing for us. On the following days, we visited to each other, bringing our best wishes.



Spring Festival in my hometown is very busy, but it seems to me that happiness is quite a lot.

New Year's eve is my favorite day. Look at every stick couplets on the Spring Festival, wear new clothes, heard popping firecrackers with rings, unless as a last resort, regardless of the miles relatives hundreds of miles away, be sure to come back on this night all reunited with his family to eat dinner together. After the dinner, our children ran outside and set off fireworks, and all kinds of fireworks burst into the sky like huge flowers. At 8 o 'clock, the family sat in front of the TV and watched the wonderful Spring Festival gala show. But at midnight, the sound of firecrackers began to roar again, and this was the arrival of the New Year!

The first day of the year is the real Spring Festival. When we get up in the morning, our family is going to bless the elderly relatives in our neighborhood, and we will always give our children lucky money to get lucky money, not to mention how happy they are. You can buy school stationery, play with your friends, or shop at a kiosk. The most interesting is to count the goldfish, the bridge, the street stalls. Look at the children to throw a circle to throw a small fish bowl, that happy energy not to mention.

Look, how busy the Spring Festival is!






The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese people. In these days, we usually visit relatives, and the elders also give money to children.

According to the plan, we went to grandmother's house on the fourth day of the first month. Grandma's house was in longxi. After passing through security, we came to the waiting hall. There were so many people here. After a while, the car came, I jumped on the car with excitement, the train went slowly forward, green hill, green tree, blue sky, this flowing painting is really beautiful! In the distance, there are several families in the arms, with red lanterns and lanterns, and the atmosphere is filled with festivity.

The journey is very short. It will arrive at my grandmother's house in less than an hour. The town is full of years, striking couplets and red lanterns, and firecrackers. Night comes, far from the view, red lanterns like flowers blossoming, like the stars, really beautiful.

The next morning, I went to the town's yangko team with my cousin, and the year's flavor became stronger with the beating of drums and drums. He dressed up as a little lion, and in a moment he brought a set of clothes from the pipe, and he put on the furry clothes and took the lion's head, which was like an enlarged toy. The little lion was full of orange hair and a big mouth, and had a white tooth on his forehead and a little red flower. Although it is the king of the jungle, it is not afraid, but it is very kind and lovely. "Look, there's a dragon." A voice in the crowd, we looked at in the past, there is a dragon entrenched in, indeed, that dragon is very delicate, dragons are made of cloth with a order of the phoenix and dragon pattern, the color is beautiful. There was a pair of dragons on the top of the head, and the dragon had to flash. Swing. It is no wonder that the ancient emperor called himself the real dragon, and it was very powerful and very domineering.

Why, what's that? It turned out that they were making up for a big man with a heavy makeup on his face and a big red flower on his head. That's funny. It makes me laugh.

The happy time always flies, the winter tottering, spring leisurely and come, really look forward to the Spring Festival next year!











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