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On Energy ShortageWith the fast development of economy and society many problems have been appeared and caused some negative impacts on our lives. Energy shortage is one of the most serious problems in the world.

Many reasons can account for energy shortage. In the first place the demand for energy has been substantial increased as various industries develop rapidly. Moreover the population growth is another factor. As the time elapses the increasing number of population has required more energy for living and working and other areas. Last but not least wasting energy is a great serious and common phenomenon all the time.

In order to solve the problem all of us should go into action together. For one thing we should try our best to find out the renewable energy to replace the energy that we consumed most. For another everyone should develop the concept that energy is limited and we have to form a habit to save energy. And we can save energy in our lives by starting from small details such as turn off the light when leaving.

In a word energy shortage has been a big and serious problem in the world. Therefore we should make our efforts to solve it by finding new renewable energy and saving energy and any other possible ways.



为了解决这一问题,我们大家应该行动起来。一方面,应当想法找到可再生能源,以取代消耗最大的能量。另一方面,每个人都应该树立能源有限的概念。我们必须养成节约能源的习惯。我们还可以从生活中的小事做起,比如离开时关灯,以节约能源。 总之,资源短缺已成为世界的一个重大问题。因此,我们应该努力,通过寻找新的可再生能源,节约能源以及其他任何可行的方法来解决这个问题。


project HopeIn class,our teacher told us something about Project Hope.She said some children in the country couldn't go to school because their parents were too poor to send their children to school.She called on us to help out.

After school I returned home.I was greatly moved by this.What should I do for Project Hope?I was wondering about this when I saw the money collection box on the table.Then I decided to send my pocket money,which I had saved for nearly one year,to the children who wanted to go to school.I wrote a letter to them and hurried to the post office.Together with the letter, I posted the money and sent my best wishes to them.




炎热的一天 A Hot Day

Today, when I go to school, I feel so hot, the sun is burning. When I am at school, the air is so stuffy, the fan doesn't work so much, I still feel hot. When I am home, I open the air-condition quickly, I feel so cool. My parents say the weather is so hot, this is the hottest day of this year.



Save the Energy ResourcesAnother round of energy crisis is knocking at the door. In 2004 world oil consumption reached a new record causing oil price in the international market to skyrocket amazingly. As for China it was reported that many traditional mineral cities in northeastern China had run into predicament with their economy collapsed and workers unemployed only because coal had been mined out.

Fossil energy resources including coal oil and gas are unlike sunlight water power and wind power which are generated consistently. They're not practically reproductive during human history. Once consumed they're gone forever. If they were to be exhausted before we could find sufficient reproductive resources to replace them with we'd have to live in entire blackout again like our ancestors have done thousands of years ago. That's of course not what anyone would want to see.

Due to technical limitations people still have to utilize these resources now.

As a result we must economize them most cleverly. New techniques should be developed and applied to reduce energy cost in industry and daily life. Alternative energy should be employed wherever possible. Eradicate any practice that wastes energy. Humans have overcome so many crises in history and we're sure to win this time also.

新一轮的能源危机在敲响警钟。 2004年,世界石油消费量达到了一个新的纪录,能源危机导致国际市场上的石油价格扶摇直上,令人惊讶。至于中国,据报道,在中国东北的许多传统矿业城市运行陷入困境,他们经济崩溃并且工人失业,不仅是因为煤炭已经被开采完了。